I said I would try a varied selection of activity to get my body moving and drop some pounds before the serious cycling starts. However I didn’t think I would find myself in a church hall near Euston this rainy Monday evening Zumbering. The fact that I did is partly about trying out something new but also a great indication of the sort of people I work with at Dow Jones.

A school friend of mine, Julia Main, recently moved back from Italy. She posted on Facebook that she would be running some Zumba classes in a location pretty close to my office. As I’m looking for ways to get fit and Julia being a fellow Old Cranleighian (and 2Norther no less) I decided there and then that I was in.

Once I read Julia's post I knew I was doing Zumba, I just had to find our what Zumba was...

Once I read Julia’s post I knew I was doing Zumba, I just had to find our what Zumba was…

It wasn’t until after I had confirmed my participation to Julia that I googled “Zumba” and realized what I was getting myself into. The various videos of thin, athletic and (lets face it) coordinated people I was presented with made me realize pretty quickly that I would be out of my comfort zone.

Turning to my colleagues I asked for support and in typical Dow Jones fashion (like having fun, take on a challenge, enjoy trying something different and most importantly support each other) I soon had 18 takers!

My initial concerns around the very real possibility that I wouldn’t be able to do it were quickly allayed and with the merry band you see below (a few of the initial “yeses” missing due to forgotten kit!) I can genuinely say that I had an amazing time, a lot of fun and I certainly worked up a sweat. I highly recommend it to everyone. Julia ran a fantastic and fun class and I would encourage anyone to join her on Mondays at 6pm http://juliamain.zumba.com/

We are the ones in the pink headbands

We are the ones in the pink headbands