Day 7 – Mont Ventoux

The epic challenge of Mont Ventoux on day 7 was by far the hardest day for the riders. The scene of so much history from Tommy Simpson who died 1km from the top to the more recent exploits of Armstrong and Froome it is a special place that challenges all who take it on.

On reflection many of the London to Monte Carlo riders picked it as their highlight although on the day it was more about survival. Joe and Stephen took the camera and took it head on…




Our Everest…. Mont Ventoux

With less than 3 months to go the training is starting to heat up. Last weekend the Financial News Strava group racked up an impressive cumulative 948km.

There are a number of ways to motivate yourself for such an epic ride but I think the graphic Fareed found depicting Mont Ventoux does the trick nicely. We face this mythical climb on day 7. We will have cycled a long way already, some 700 miles. This is our Everest and the scene of the Financial News London to Monte Carlo 2 inaugural King of the Mountain stage. To the victor the spoils.