The night before….

So here we go. 11pm the night before the adventure begins. I’m in the midst of packing, checking equipment (including testing whether I can update the blog from the iPad) and fretting about all the things I might forget or that could go wrong.
I cannot wait for 8:30am to come and we set off on our first of what will be 1,000 miles. At that point everyone will have met, the crew will have given their safety briefing, day bags will have been packed with spare inner tubes and each individuals own sweet treat and the majority of the organisation will be done.
We will very quickly immerse ourselves in the job of getting from A to B. Maybe it is the basic simplicity of that very act I find most appealing but I’m looking forward to it. The tough bits not so much but I guess we’ll have to take the rough with the smooth
So here’s to 9 days of challenge, camaraderie and trying to watch as much of the World Cup as possible while riding from London to Monte Carlo…

Testing the GoPro

My aim is to bring readers of this blog some footage from the London to Monte Carlo ride this year. My slight concern being that remembering the ride last year I could barley write a few hundred words blog post at the end of each day due to exhaustion and a lack of hand function.
However in true British spirit I am casting doubt from my mind and practicing with the GoPro to give you an intimate portrait of the ride, some stunning shots and some behind the scenes footage and interviews.
Below is some sped up footage of the 40k loops I was doing in Spain a week or so ago to practice using the kit. See if you can spot when the incline gets to 23% (hint: it’s when I stop and lean heavily over the handlebars)