Day 3, the story so far

I thought the best way to give you a sense of the ride was to put together some of the photos and video we have taken so far. The thing that doesn’t come across is just how good the crew is. The fact that they don’t speak a word of English and we have only a fairly poor recollection of our GCSE French only adds to the occasion. Two members of the crew have been directors of pro cycling teams and the masseur worked for Team Saxo as recently as 2013. He has even handled the legendary legs of Alberto Contador. To get advice and attention from a group like this really adds to the experience and we all feel very lucky…
Mont Ventoux looms large in the future and we catch ourselves talking about it regularly. I think the reality of just how tough it is going to be is starting to sink in. We have 3 days of cycling before we get there so (as with the daily schedule) we are in breakfast at 6:45am with the start scheduled for 7:30am. The first 20km is neutralized behind a lead vehicle which gives a nice opportunity to stick together and warm up our legs before the day starts in earnest.

2 thoughts on “Day 3, the story so far

  1. Keeping a very keen eye on proceedings from Australia, my Brother In Law, Ian Law is keeping us up to speed. Looking forward to hearing about Friday. All the best from Down Under.

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