Day 2, First casualty to report.

Word has reached me that our supporters in the UK have heard precious little about our journey to date. Two main reasons; we’ve stayed in two hotels so far and wifi has been wanting, day 2 was 195 km which is a long way.
I will write a full post tomorrow of the story so far but in the spirt of timely news I’m grappling with my iPhone and the intermittent 3G network.

First thing to report is Kevin (Dassault Systemes) took a fall today 2km from the finish line and after a 3 hour hospital visit has had a fracture to his arm confirmed. Our intrepid 20 riders are down to 19 I’m afraid. The only small consolation is Kevin is speaking at Fund Forum and we’ll see him at the finish line.


That disappointment aside the ride had been tough and enjoyable. The crew are fantastic with an amazing resume of professional cycling experience (more to come regarding them tomorrow).

So for now to bed but follow this blog for future updates.






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