End of day two

We rode 98 miles today. That puts us at 180 for the trip so far. The big learning of the day is that I had no idea how tough this would be. Every part of my body is sore. Multiple times today I would push myself to the limit to get up a hill only to round the bend to find and longer and steeper one.
Tomorrow,we’ve been reassuringly told,
is one of the hardest days of the whole trip. It is your body’s final adjusting day (whatever that means) and 110 miles long to boot.
I’d love to add some light up beat banter but it genuinely hurts to hold the iPhone. Instead please enjoy the photo of Matt Turner (financial news) disappearing into the Normandy country side.
Wish us luck for tomorrow!!


End of day one

All riders accounted for as we arrive in Portsmouth after 82 pretty tough miles. We have been fed and watered and shown amazing hospitality by the sailors of HMS Excellence at their barracks in Portsmouth harbour. We are currently sinking a few cold beers at their bar “Moby Dick” where it’s a pound a pint!!! Joe Martin has said it would be rude not to have a least a couple as we have not seen prices like this since university.

The ferry leaves at 10pm and with 4 to a cabin and a 6:30am arrival a good nights sleep is by no means guaranteed.

Looking forward to breakfast at Pegasus Bridge and trying to remember to cycle on the right side of the road.

Day one in the bank but a long way to go….