A Holiday Affair

London to Monte Carlo is fast approaching. I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing that having done the ride last year I have a sense of what lies ahead. Probably the best indication of my state of mind in the run up to L2MC2 is my approach to the half term break which is concluding this week.

Last year Jules, Sam, Josie and I spent the week in Cyprus. Sure, I packed some trainers but they unfortunately never experience the Mediterranean sun having not even made it out of the luggage. I did consider casting the flip-flops aside for the return journey to the UK and donning the trainers so as to not completely waste them but that didn’t happen either.

This year the half term break once again falls three weeks before the London to Monte Carlo ride. This time round we are in the the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range just south of Granada, Spain. Bringing my trainers didn’t cross my mind. Bringing my bike did but with a flight into Madrid with car seats and all the paraphernalia of a young family I quickly cast the thought aside. Then I found http://www.cyclingcountry.com who were happy to drop off and pick up a carbon road bike at an address of my choice.

Stunning views and routes in Andalusia

Stunning views and routes in Andalusia

Having the bike has meant a few things.

1. I didn’t feel guilty that I wasn’t training.

2. I got to see parts of the country I had never seen before.

3. The views were spectacular.

4. I got some great training in with inclines up to 23%!!

5. When not on the bike I ate and drank guilt free.

6. It was an added aspect to the days which contributed to a fantastic holiday.

Guilt free eating and drinking by the beach

Guilt free eating and drinking by the beach

Me and my holiday fling

Me and my holiday fling

Hills and reservoirs a plenty

Hills and reservoirs a plenty

We drive back to Madrid this afternoon and then fly to London first thing tomorrow morning. Whilst I’m looking forward to getting back on my trusty steel frame Pin it has been an enjoyable holiday affair with the younger and lighter carbon Trek….. if Shirley Valentine can do it, why can’t I….

Many thanks to http://www.cyclingcountry.com and I look forward to seeing some familiar faces in Richmond Park on Sunday.

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