First Ride of the Year – 2014

I had a bit of a false start on the weekend and didn’t manage to get out on the bike. However fresh from Zumbering last night I got on the bike for my commute this morning. As Map My Ride will attest it was a leisurely start but a start none the less.

map my 1

The biggest problem was finding my cycling shoes, or more specifically shoe. One was very easy to find, sitting with all the other shoes ready to be utilised. It was the 3 hours it took me to find the other shoe that was a little frustrating. You could have come to my house with the sole (forgive me!) purpose of hiding it and I bet I would have found it quicker.

At 7am it was dark, a little damp and a little cold. However as the the old saying goes “summer bodies are made in the winter” or more accurately “if I want to get to Monaco quicker in 2014 I need to train harder than 2013”.

I got two “nice bike” comments on the way in which has started me rethinking my decision to buy a new bike for L2MC2. After all, she is a lovely bike, just a bit bloody heavy.

My lovely bike did serve me well last year

My lovely bike did serve me well last year

It was interesting to read the article on Cycling Weekly this morning regarding the recent police crackdown

I certainly felt there were less red lights run by fellow cyclist and a little more awareness from the cars/buses/lorries. Let’s hope it has lasting impact for all concerned.

Now the question is can I keep up the cycling with rain forecast for tomorrow…

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