The Dilemma

I think i may have a problem. I’ve been on a bike for the last 9 days and my legs hurt. During the London to MC ride I had fantasies of stripping my bike down, selling the parts – leaving only the frame which i would hang from a wall (or put in the attic) much as one would a moose or a wildebeest.

Why then do i find myself sitting in front of my computer on a Wednesday evening (having only been back home for 3 days) looking at cycling trips. The route below depicts the coast to coast route. There is a very useful website with tips, places to stay and companies who will take all the hassle out of the trip.

The question i keep coming back to is how long would it take? The website suggests 3 to 4 days is the norm ( but that under 24 hours is possible.

It certainly could be an interesting 24 hours… A bike, lights, a waterproof and whatever food and spares you can carry. Coast to coast in 24 hours…. for Joe Martin’s reference the record is currently held by Joel Toombs and Matt Shorrock at 7 hours 53 minutes and 03 seconds west to east on September 28th 2012

Could I really be considering getting back on the bike…….


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