End of day 5

Today we cycled 94 miles from Moulins to Montbrisson. Tomorrow the hills start to come into play as we cycle 98 miles to Grenoble. We past the half way point today, in terms of mileage, which was a great boost. Temperatures have remained high and the promise of a pool at the hotel tomorrow should see everyone peddling that bit harder.

The scenery has been stunning with our route taking us through at least half a dozen towns or villages a day. To stop a take all the photos I’d have liked to is not possible but the below is a good example.

I’ve also been struck by the fantastic way we’ve been received. After I had my accident I popped in a local tabac to regroup and the staff and customers immediately began dressing my wounds and force feeding me arnica pills.
Earlier today a couple of us stopped at the top of a particularly tough hill. Within minutes a local gentleman had us in his kitchen filling up our water bottles and wishing us luck. He mentioned something about my belly being a little too big for such a ride but I’ll put that down to translation issues.

Looking forward to a good night sleep but know I will be dreaming of the hills to come……



4 thoughts on “End of day 5

  1. Keep up the excellent work, Jonny!! Extra man points earned for cycling with a hurty leg too! We’re thinking of you all back here in the office.

  2. Top effort mate it looks great but in a kind of “great in retrospect, I’m glad I did it” kind of way! I assume you are all OD’ing on Assos chamois cream? Best of British for the Alps.

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