End of day 4; sun and crashes

Well it had to happen didn’t it? Some idiot was going to fall off his bike at some point. Unfortunately that idiot was me. Coming round a bend a bit of gravel got under my front wheel and set me on course for a river. Breaks were no use so I had only one option, hit the deck. It wasn’t much fun but I was lucky to get away with just some bumps and scrapes.
Rich, our motorbike marshal, was on the scene in minutes to help and was able to call the mechanic to sort out my bike. Many thanks to both of them. The remaining 22 miles of the day were extra hard but I made it to the hotel. Last of all the riders but I made it.

The fall was enough but temperatures were staggering today (see photo of hot author). By 11am it was over 30 degrees and it peaked at 37.5. I drank 20 litres of water but still felt constantly dehydrated. Without a doubt today was the toughest physical challenge I have undertaken. All well and good but with the alps just two days away I think it’s only going to get harder.

Although it hard it is also an amazing experience, one which I recommend highly. What’s that? An annual event I hear you say? We’ll see…..

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3 thoughts on “End of day 4; sun and crashes

  1. Just spoke to Shaun, he says “You never wore a sports bra before Insanity, did you?” or should that be “this is as far as I can lift my leg because I got big quads” — now you’re getting big quads, Shaun T wont know what’s hit him! COME ON!!!!!!

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