The novice cyclist saddles up

Up until 3months ago my experience on a bicycle was minimal. Possibly even more surprisingly, considering the adventure we are about to embark on, i wasn’t all that interested in cycling either. I have no recollection of my first bike and don’t think a childhood photo exists of me sitting on one.

Things have certainly changed. I, like an increasing number of men and women, have just spent ALOT of money on a bike, cycling shoes, cycling clothing and dare i say it – cream/lubricant for where the sun don’t shine. Whether cycling is the “new golf” or not it is certainly on a popularity rocket ship and is only going one way and I fear I may be well and truly hooked

I catch myself peering wistfully into the Condor shop window on Gray’s Inn Road, spending far too long trawling the pages of If the house was burning down I think it would have to be the Pinarello that would have me rushing back into the blaze (after I had heroically rescued the wife and kids of course).

What started as an idea over a beer as I was mulling challanges to set myself has now turned into reality. I sit here with 5 days to go – petrified. What awaits is 8 days of proper cycling. Over 1,200 kilometres from London to Monte Carlo. To say it’s a long way does not do justice to the biggest challenge, the climbs.

Although I have trained – I fear not enough miles have gone into the legs. What i hoped would be a lean Jonny Wright dancing on the peddles up the Alpe d’Huez may now be a disaster of horrific and painful proportions. Either way you can follow my progress along with other bike ramblings here at The Novice CyclistImage

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