MicroAdventures Asia Challange.

MicroAdventures Asia Challenge. 



If we’ve spoken in the last few months you’ve probably heard me prattle on about a series of mini adventures I’d like to undertake in Asia. The concept is pretty simple and the reasons easy to explain.

I moved to Hong Kong in August of 2015 and I am determined to experience this wonderful part of the world. It’s sometimes difficult to recall what your perceptions of something were once you’re in the midst of it but I think I thought of Asia as a single entity. I appreciated the size, number of countries etc but it somehow didn’t register. It was only when I got here and started traveling for work that the smorgasbord of culture, topography and pure diversity becomes so obvious and you feel compelled to explore. That’s reason one.

The second reason for kicking this off was my brother introduced me to a book a fellow Edinburgh Alumni of his had written called Micro Adventures.


Great read and I loved the idea that you don’t need to plan a 3 month expedition to have an adventure. It got me thinking…so many thanks for that Mr Humphreys.

The third reason is I’m missing the challenge of the London to Monte Carlo bike ride. Scrolling through thenovicecyclist.com and looking back at the 2013 and 2014 challenges it’s amazing how the blood, sweat, tears and hassle of organising it fade to the back ground and the memories of the fun bits come to the fore. Ultimately it is undoubtedly the combination of the two that made it such a fantastic experience. I’m getting itchy feet – reason 3.

So here’s the challenge. Over the next 12 months I will set out on 6 mini adventures in Asia. Most will be short little forays into new places involving new activities. They will cover 6 themes; HOT, COLD, WET, DRY, HIGH and LOW. I have a GoPro, an iphone and a drone (that I don’t know how to fly) and with these tools I will do my best to document MicroAdventures Asia on thenovicecyclist.com.

I get it, I get it. The site is called The Novice Cyclist, we’ll just have to work our way through that.

So kicking off the series in HIGH. We are taking on East Asia’s highest peak (allegedly). Jade Mountain in Taiwan. Its just under 13,000 feet, 5 hours from Taipei, voted on the shortlist of New Seven Wonders of the World in 2009 and here’s the obligatory wikipedia link….what could go wrong..? Not too sure I like the headline of this article Perilous Jade Mountain.

Follow me on twitter @jcdwright, Instagram @jonnycdwright, follow this blog or look out for #microadventuresasia if you want to be kept abreast of the preparation and undertaking of the first #microadventuresasia as we head for the summit of Jade Mountain March 3rd – March 5th 2016.

I’m also keen to hear from anyone who has any ideas for MicroAdventures Asia or indeed wants to get involved in one. If it’s in Asia and can be categorized as LOW, HOT, COLD, WET or DRY then I’m interested.


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